How to set no. of speaker in xp after installing Kx ?

Discussion in '3-D Audio' started by exchanger, Jul 11, 2008.

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    My config
    - Sound Blaster Live 5.1
    - Win XP (SP2)
    - Only 2 speaker connected to sound card

    What effect that I want to have:
    1) when playing with DVD, I want to create a 5.1 channels surround effect (just like the effect given by Dolby Virutal Speaker, which can provide a pair of "virual rear speaker)

    2) When Playing with games, I want to create a 5.1 channels surround effect with the help of Direct 3D

    The question is, what kind of speaker should I choose? (2 speaker or 5.1 speaker ?) Since the KX driver has a option to switch the "surround" on even I just have only 2 speakers

    Pls give me a advice..

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    You set the speakers to what you actually have - so you would choose 2.0.

    The Surround Mode controls up & Down mixing.
    When 'ON' with 5.1 playing with only 2.0 speakers - it will 'down mix' so you will hear all audio from 2.0 speakers... tho, probably not like 'Dolby Virtual Rears' - it more or less just mixes all 5.1 into 2.0.
    When 'off' - no up/down mixing happens, and you would not hear what is supposed to come out of the rear & center/lfe during a 5.1 movie or in games.

    So set it to 2.0 / On - Leave 'Use Subwoofer' un checked.
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    Without doubt I'm rather late to this party, but it has been my understanding that one always configures speaker setup in WinXP to the maximum capabitlity of the soundcard (regardless of actual speaker configuration); I think it says that in the rules somewhere.

    THEN you tweak the soundcard itself via Kx driver DSP goodies implementation to do as much as you possibly can with what you got.

    With judicious use of Kx Project driver capabilities, psuedo surround sound through merely two speakers isn't impossible.


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