how to use ???

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    how to use safely ???

    hi all,

    i just download from sapphire free promotions..

    i'm new with (never use)

    i want ask :

    1. i chose nvidia in cleaning section, i tick the advance cleaning, then after scan, why appear result, whereas i use ati not nvidia vga & in mobo no nvidia chipset? this result 100% true not fail?

    2. the scan result appear 4 tab : type, data, filter, and the last tab blank? what name for last tab, below that tab appear number, 1 ,2 or 3..

    3. after scan result :
    appear file c:\windows\inf\..... c:\windows\system32\....
    appear registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\....
    appear directory c:\ati\...

    and many..

    it is safe if i delete all the file, directory, registry?

    4. if i scan all cleaning section, from A to Z then i delete all the scan result file,folder,registry.. it is 100% safe?
    or must choose ? example :
    maybe intel result 100% safe to delete the file folder & registry,
    but if ATI result, must choose some file to delete, some file to keep ?

    like that?

    after delete 100% guarantee in future not need that file, registry, folder?
    and not make crash, hang or error ?

    5. after clean all that stuff can make pc more fast or make what?

    my spec, (if needed)
    Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3P
    Toxic 5850
    G,skill Ripjaw 4GB
    Win 7 32bit

    thank you very much..
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    Best before you start is to read the help file that came with the program, because there is a lot of details about the program in there and what steps should be taken and also what the program does.

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