HP unveils mobile menagerie

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    Hewlett-Packard wants more businesspeople to travel with its computers.

    The computer giant on Wednesday unveiled 10 new mobile PCs, including its first convertible tablet PC, a notebook whose screen rotates 180 degrees and folds flat to create a writing surface. The company also announced alliances with Good Technology and Nokia, and said it plans to deliver a smart phone later this year.

    HP says it's using the new products and alliances to better adapt mobile technology to the business world.

    "This is really all coming together so that technology can enhance the way we live, work and interact," Ted Clark, HP's general manager of mobile computing, said during a Webcast of the event held in San Jose, Calif.

    Notebooks have become increasingly popular among businesses in the past few years, thanks to factors such as wireless networks. Executives who once toted them on trips also now take them down the hall to meetings. The same executives also seek more capable phones, so HP will deliver a new HP-brand smart phone, a device that merges a cellular handset and a traditional handheld organizer, later in the year as well, Clark said.

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