I guess some people don't want to sell

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Trusteft, Aug 29, 2016.

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    their products.

    I ordered some products from an online shop, I got confirmation on the 5th of August. The products were immediately available. After two weeks there was nothing. I called them and the guy on the phone (from his saying he was the owner of the shop) told me that one of the 3 products was not actually available and they were waiting for a new arrival. He would call me the next day to inform me of how long it would take.
    No calls.
    Almost two weeks more, yesterday, I give him another call. He tells me he doesn't know why there is a delay, he will talk to his employees to find out why and call me tomorrow (ie today).
    No calls.
    Five minutes ago I call him again and tell him I want to cancel my order. I try to tell him the reason and I can barely finish a sentence when he interrupts me and says something like "yeah yeah, ok ok fine".

    Unbelievable. These people have companies and make a ton of money and I am almost poor. Well, I assume he makes money, I don't know what the hell is his problem.
    I couldn't live with my self with this lack of professionalism. I would be too ashamed if I ever was this bad, to even look in the mirror.
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    Same kind of thing happens in Switzerland very frequently.

    Most retailers don't keep stock, they have their suppliers drop-ship for items they don't have in hand... which is a lot.

    I ordered some items nearly three weeks ago which were showing as "in stock" to be delivered in 2-3 days... so with 2-3 days I knew they were drop-shipped (in stock is still next day)... but that's OK, normally drop-shipped is still under a week so no problem.

    No replies to emails from them when I've been chasing for two weeks.

    Phone call and the guy, very unapologetically, tells me that they won't be arriving til the second or third week in September... for items orders at the start of August.

    Not normally that bad... but wtf... if I was in a rush and they didn't have a good price on these items, I would have cancelled immediately.
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    Trusteft, you will be surprised how messed up a lot of people are, especially people with "a lot". Out of all my friends, of my very very close friends, I have two friends one of whom is my best friend and they are millionaires, you wouldn't even be able to tell that they were, they are sooo down to earth and modest it's amazing. They are the best rich people I've ever met in my life. Hands down. Most rich people are full of shit.
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    I cannot, simply cannot stock anything much at all... Basically during the summer i have 1 router on hand... a single set of generic logitech 2.0 speakers, 1x 27" monitor and a few mouse/keyboards. I do generally have 2x micro SD cards (currently 64GB) and 1 or 2x USB Flash drives (currently 32GB). Outside of that, it's mostly a stick or 2 of DDR3 and DDR4 with a few DDR1/2 sticks floating around as well in both notebook/desktop variants.

    I do however stock at least one Samsung 250gb 850 EVO since any passerby with a failed notebook/desktop drive is not uncommon, but i've about 50 good working 2nd hand drives, some of which are basically brand new as alternatives.

    Everything else is to order, tvs/computer components..etc... If my supplier shows stock, i show stock. If they show 3x in stock of a certain item, i state that i have potentially 3x in stock. The only difference likely is that when i place an order, IF the value ordered doesn't match up with availability, i contact the buyer and notify them of the issue and give the given ETA i was told (but this rarely happens). The only thing quite frustrating is that over 75% of the time, i'm either sent the wrong thing, sent the wrong quantities, or entirely missing some parts out of a relatively small order making it fundamentally a waste to have had it even shipped. That's extremely frustrating when I've a complete machine built to do and they forget the mainboard or case.

    I've been asked to expand, branch off and find employees... build up my business to accommodate volume, (move into the city for example) and compete with what few computer/electronic shops that exist today (since over 80+ % of them have shut down in the last 10 years due to retail big box stores basically contracting them out of business or corporate bodies selling shit so cheap and built cheap that no one feels the need to fix them for a cost due to being cheaper to simply buy a new one). So the only businesses that are able to stay afloat now are those whom just simply don't give a fuck and sell in volume... quality be damned... OR those that restrict themselves to remaining somewhat niche... ultra low volume, high quality parts/build standards and solid backing of their products without digging themselves their own grave (specially with stocking up on stuff that doesn't sell fast enough to rotate it all).

    The other major problem is employees... In the last 50-60+ years... since the dawn of the baby boomers, the growing epidemic of ass hats that will find any and all excuses to sit on their ass and do fundamentally nothing, try and get away with it, while being forked over an hourly wage or welfare of some time, is the norm today. Even a couple decades ago, farm grown adults were in high demand due to their robust general work ethics and problem solving/cheap solution implementing/creative efficient means of getting a job done, and if there was no other way but getting real dirty doing a job, specially if it involved a lot of physical labour, no problem. Within the last 20 years, this doesn't exist for the most part, a vast majority don't know what tools are, what physical work is, and spent majority of their "farm" lives not doing a bloody thing on it, babied beyond reason, like majority of the urbanites were/are. So hiring anyone with these mindsets, specially with the SJW types finding any and all excuses to complain and raise a shit over the tiniest thing they think is a employment infraction is simply not worth it. Job security is at an all time high, trying to fire someone for fucking up repeatedly is nearly impossible without some kind of shit hitting the fan and at the cost of the employer... add to this, firing them and retraining another douchebag dumbass for them to do the same thing is the most likely best outcome. This is why so many businesses that were still making a go are shutting down.

    Locally here everyone is screaming for workers.... and yet we have people sitting around the are on welfare. And the business owners sometimes just have their bad days when nothing goes right with some customers, circumstances just play out badly and finally sometimes we just say "sure whatever".

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