I know it was dumb .. but help me plz ;p

Discussion in 'NVIDIA Graphics Cards' started by gibbon565, Oct 21, 2006.

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    Right basically I bought a MSi 7900 GTO with the intention of clocking it up to a GTX. So for that I downloaded Coolbits 2.

    Now for some retarded reason (my mind must have drifted) I accidently clocked up the core instead of the ram to 800 mhz [​IMG]

    The thing is the card didn't get hot and I quickly rebooted.

    Now the thing is for some reason ever since this incident the graphics in games have appeared really bright (its hard to explain, as if they are in 16bit? .. best I can think of), like the gamma is high or something. Now I've messed around with the gamma to no avail, it also appears a lot brighter on the desktop.

    Have I borked the card? Or is it likely to be something else?

    Many thanks

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