"I wish we had more time to polish the game before release"- Kingdom Come: Deliverance exec producer

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    Despite selling over a million copies in less than a fortnight, Kingdom Come: Deliverance's executive producer, Martin Klíma, would've liked more time to polish the game.

    In a community Q&A posted on the official forum, Klíma answered a long list of questions from fans, discussing everything from his favourite music playlist, to the day-to-day activities of an executive producer.

    When asked what he thought of Kingdom Come: Deliverance being considered by some as a AAA game (that is, a big-budget game with significant time and financial investment), Klíma said that while he didn't think that KCD was a AAA—particularly as he thought most big games were too forgiving, better suited to "the most casual and absent-minded players"—he didn't necessarily consider it as an indie game, either.
    Source: pcgamer

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