IKEA Redesigns The Battery Charger To Make It Look More Aesthetically Pleasing

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    Some of our devices still rely on the use of AA or AAA batteries. These batteries have a finite lifespan and once they’re depleted, you have to throw them away which isn’t that good for the environment, which is why rechargeable batteries are a better solution since you get to use it more times.

    However, the chargers to recharge these batteries can be pretty ugly, but IKEA wants to solve that problem. The company has recently unveiled its new Tjugo charger which has been designed to look like a book when it’s closed. This means that you can easily leave it on your desk or a table and no one would be the wiser.

    It can also act as a good place to store your batteries when they’re not in use, so you know where you can find them later. The Tjugo charger was unveiled alongside the company’s refreshed Ladda batteries which have also been updated with the same seafoam green hue which actually looks rather calming.

    The Tjugo charger is currently available for sale via IKEA’s website where it is priced at $25, while the Ladda batteries are being sold for $10 for a pack of four, so if you’re keen, then head on over to IKEA’s website for the details.

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    Yes... I always plug wires into my books. o_O
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