Infinite loop error and Omegadrivers.....

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Frankenchrist420, May 11, 2002.

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    Now Omegadrive (i'll assume that you'll end up reading this) let me just start by stating that I know that you and your wonderful 3rd party drivers have nothing to do with the infinite loop error....BUT ;) For me and my particular computer and my particular configuration it seems that some Omegadrivers allow that loop to happen quite often (or "lotza lotza" as it's known in tech jargon) and with others it never happens at all!!!! Particularly your latest 2.4.30 - less frequently on it's predecessor 1.4.26 and not at all on 1.4.21!!!!! Do you have any idea why this is true??? What did you change between these that may be causing that??? (I do realize that this infinite loop error is fairly random in how and why it occurs- but I definitely suspect a connection here somewhere on my particular machine!!!)

    My System:

    AMD Athlon 800mhz
    Soyo K7VTA Mobo Full MOBO Stats Via KT133 latest 4in1 4.38
    AIW Radeon (original) no Overclocking
    Hercules Game Theater XP

    I stay current on my driver updates and my system usually runs smoothly. When it's running smoothly I have no lock-ups or crashes but occasionally when I change a driver or something it'll start causing the infinite loop error to occur repeatedly. It's funny, I started using Omegadrivers because of this stupid bug when ATI's driver changes were making it appear and then dissapear with each new release. Usually Omegadrivers don't make the infinite loop error appear at all (like with 1.4.21). So for now of course I'll stick with 1.4.21- but of course I'd like to figure this out so I can keep up with the herd. ;)
    Anyone else notice anything like this?

    And incidentally, I help people on the forums under this same name. Just go to the Advanced Technical Help forum and you'll find me lurking.
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    I've never seen you before, but man I love the handle!

    Frankenchrist420, nice name. :)

    Sorry I can't help you with your driver issue, the last set of Omegadrive's I tried was the 1.4.26 set and they ran just fine for me.

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