Instagram Is Now Letting Everyone Share Links in Their Stories

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    Instagram is now allowing everyone to share links on their Instagram Stories, a feature that was previously limited to accounts that were either verified or had a certain number of followers.

    In its announcement, Instagram cited how it had witnessed how impactful link sharing could be when used to distribute educational resources about issues of social justice and mental well-being.

    Access to link sharing could also help grow small creators and businesses, who use the feature to showcase their products.

    “We made this decision based on feedback we heard from the community about how impactful it would be for accounts of all sizes to benefit from link sharing to engage with their followers,” the company said.

    To use the newly-expanded features, users simply add the link sticker — located in the top navigation bar — and the desired link to a story. Viewers who tap on the sticker will be redirected to the linked website.

    Instagram said that it’s also working on more ways to customize the sticker and a means of adding context to links to help make clear where viewers will be directed to.

    In other tech news, a Twitter blockchain feature that shows what NFTs users own is currently in the works.

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