Instagram's New SuperBeat Automatically Edits Videos To The Beat Of A Song

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    Instagram has launched a new tool dubbed SuperBeat that lets Reels creators automatically edit videos to the beat of an accompanying song. The release comes amid a slew of features aimed at making the Facebook-owned app even more fun and engaging. These include a way to co-author Reels and Feed posts, dynamic onscreen lyrics, desktop uploads, fundraisers and more.

    Ever since the rise of Snapchat and TikTok, Facebook has focused much of its efforts to ensure Instagram remains as appealing as possible — especially to teenage users. The app has put a lot of energy into its video features, with Reels, in particular, receiving a lot of attention since it launched last year. Indeed, Instagram head Adam Mosseri has since noted he no longer considers it a photo-sharing platform.

    SuperBeat is a Reels feature that promises to make it fun and easy to create a short video that reacts in time to an audio track. Users open Reels and add the song they want to use. Next, they open the Effects tab, locate the SuperBeats tool, and use it on their clip.
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