Intel debuts speedier low-voltage Centrinos

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    Intel rolled out new low-voltage (LV) and ultra-low voltage (ULV) Pentium M processors and Centrino bundles yesterday, upping the chips' cache to 2MB.

    The chip giant also introduced a new ULV Celeron M part, and tweaked the pricing of its Mobile Pentium 4 line and its desktop P4 family.

    Intel introduced three new PMs: the LV 738, and ULV 733 and 723. On their own, the chips cost $284, $262 and $241, respectively, when sold in batches of 1000 CPUs. The three a clocked to 1.4GHz, 1.1GHz and 1GHz, respectively.

    Interestingly, the new parts are fabbed at 130nm even though they include 2MB of L2 cache. That cache size would normally indicate a 90nm 'Dothan' part. Older LV and ULV PMs are 130nm, 1MB parts.

    Incidentally, Intel cut the price of the 1.1GHz ULV PM 713 from $262 to $241, a reduction of eight per cent.

    It also added a 900MHz ULV Celeron M 353 at $161, knocking the price of the existing CM 333 (also 900MHz) from $161 down 10.6 per cent to $144. The CM 353 is a 90nm part, according to Intel's price list.

    The 90nm Mobile P4 518 saw its price fall 7.9 per cent, from $202 to $816 - matching exactly the price reduction applied to the 2.8GHz 130nm MP4.

    Intel also trimmed the price of the 775-pin Socket T desktop P4 520 from $178 to $163, a fall of 8.4 per cent.

    But back the new LV/ULV PMs. Added to the i855GM or i855PM chipsets, and the ProWireless 2100 or ProWireless 2200BG Wi-Fi cards, the new CPUs yield a number of extensions to Intel's Centrino bundle line-up:

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