Intel Moorestown lagging way behind Tegra - say Nvidia

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    Nvidia's Mike Rayfield (general manager for mobile) was very outspoken with the press at GTC stating that Moorestown would lag "a couple of generations behind" Nvidia's Tegra architecture.

    Rayfield also concided that Intel has done a great job of creating CPU's but was keen to state that Moorestown's big downfall was going to be the power consumption - verifying that Nvidia did in fact develop Tegra from the ground up with low power drain media capabilities as the primary focus. He was also upfront in stating that the Atom was merely a "dehydrated PC." Ouch.

    Tegra is also set to handle GPU accelerated Flash content to make it a more viable proposition for online gaming capabilities. Microsoft's Zune HD incorporates the Tegra platform with a plethora more devices looming on the landscape - with options for netbooks, smartphones and car systems in the works.

    This is something to watch when it hits the market at the start of 2010.

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