Intel to Sue AMD - round two

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    Intel are suing AMD in America as part of their defense in an antitrust case which it already lost in Europe.

    AMD are taking the antitrust fight to the US courts now and Intel are being much more proactive in this round by issuing their case. It has asked the judge to get down and dirty with AMD because they failed to retain their documentation in the case it filed against Intel in June 2005. Intel are also claiming that AMD misrepresented its efforts and tried to hide their failures from the court and Intel.

    March 2007 was when Intel originally filed the claim that AMD had not in fact kept legal documents for the case and a court order was subsequently issued to fix the problem. Intel however claim that this has cost them in order of tens of millions of dollars and it disclosed two hundred million pages of documents to AMD.

    AMD were keen to make public the fact that they had in place an 'exemplary' scheme for holding their documentation and that any issues it had were innocent. Intel are arguing this is in fact not the case at all.

    "Intel has discovered a number of problems with AMD process, including certain executives and employees at AMD that failed to retain documents and emails. It also appears that AMD failed to begin retaining documents when it reasonably anticipated the litigation, something that is required by law" they said in a PDF

    The drama continues and we will keep you updated as news filters through the channels.

    Allan Campbell: Heaven Media
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    hmmm , I don't know , but from the past behavior of Intel I can say Intel is used to play dirt not AMD at least not as much as it.
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    Burying people in legal documents etc is an old fashion trick in the american court system, it simply stalls the hell out of the case so by the time the issue comes to course, some arrangement is ually made beforehand.

    Nobody said American courts were perfect.

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