Intel's Core i9-12900K is up to 36 percent faster when you run it at maximum turbo power

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    Intel’s first batch of Alder Lake CPUs is now official, but outside of a few lucky Newegg customers and some prolific leakers, very few people have access to one for any real-world testing.

    If we go by Team Blue’s marketing claims, these new processors are supposed to be the first salvo fired back at AMD in the fight for the x86 performance crown. However, they’re also not directly comparable with existing x86 processors from AMD as well as Intel’s own offerings, since they use a hybrid architecture and can be more power-hungry during certain workloads.

    One of the notable changes brought by Alder Lake is that Intel is redefining the power needs of its CPUs to offer a more realistic picture in spec sheets. Specifically, the company is deprecating the term “TDP” in favor of two new metrics — processor base power (PBP) and maximum turbo power (MTP). These are essentially the PL1 and PL2 power limits as defined in previous generations of Intel CPUs, and will allow consumers to make a more informed decision when buying these new models.

    A detailed analysis of how these new CPUs perform in various workloads is coming, but since it’s still under embargo, we can only look at leaked performance numbers as we have for the past several months.

    Source: techspot

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