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Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by jepherz, Apr 7, 2010.

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    I have a router with 4 ports on it. There was 3 computers hooked up to it, we just hooked up a printer to it so all 4 ports are taken now. Ever since I did this though, the internet has been weird on this computer. Sometimes it works, then sometimes it just doesn't. When I go to device manager>network adapter, sometimes it says there is no driver installed. But this problem only started happening after I put in the printer though... I checked the ethernet wires connected to the router, and just switched them around a bit (should have kept track of the original positions I guess...). I don't know if it'll solve the problem though. Anyone have any other suggestions? This has been going on for a couple weeks now...
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    Are you running static addressing, where you've assigned addresses for each computer, or DHCP, where the router is assigning them for you? It's quite possible that your printer is using a static address that is the same as one of the PCs on your network, or in particular, it could have the same address as your router. If using DHCP I would take a look in your routers setup page to see what addresses are assigned for each computer. Also, since this is a network printer, you should be able to directly access the printers setup page via a web browser via it's IP.

    Things to take note of:

    - Some network printers have to be setup manually. If that is the case, try assigning it an address outside of the range your router has assigned for DHCP, however there are printers that must be within the range too, so try both setups.

    - if you have to assign it an address, do it like this
    IP Address: or (base it on your networks IP range)
    Gateway: your routers IP
    Primary DNS: your routers IP
    Secondary DNS: you can leave it blank, or insert your routers IP

    BTW, what router and printer are you using?

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