Invisible files on my USB Flash drive?

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by onlyoneman, Aug 24, 2015.

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    Earlier today I was putting together a series of images to take to the local print shop. The process I used, since the flash drive had lots of files that the print shop didn't need to worry about, was simply selecting all of the unneeded files and cutting them, then pasting them in to a folder on my desktop. When I got to the print shop they popped the Flash drive in their computer and said "only the files you need are on there". To my dismay the nice lady had me come look so I could point out the relevant files! I thought she was a wack job until I got around the counter. Everything that I had THOUGHT I removed from the flash drive was still there. I then took the Flash drive home to inspect it to maybe see what the deal is, and all I saw was the list of 4 files which I had intended to tender to the shop. So then I checked the contents on a Macbook...same 4 files. I then noticed that if I look at the details of the drive, there was 4MB more information on the drive than I could visually confirm. The print shop saw EVERYTHING. I'm wondering if anyone can clue me in on why the shop can see my files when I cannot. I'm running Windows7 home premium.. No telling what OS they use at the print shop...none of the information on the drive was sensitive, but it could have been, and I would like to prevent this from happening in the future. Any and all advice is appreciated.
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    You likely have your File View settings set to not show Hidden Files. The Print Shop likely has their system set to show ALL FILES.

    Also, simply cutting and pasting contents from one device to another will NOT completely remove the files from the device. If you don't want anything else showing up on the Flash drive, it would be best to format it and then put what you want printed on the drive so that ONLY those items will be shown elsewhere. First, move the images to your hard drive, format the Flash Drive, then move the images back to the Flash Drive.

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