It's 2021, And Japan Has Finally Decided To Phase Out Floppy Disks

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Calliers, Oct 27, 2021.

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    Yeah I remember MS stopped supporting them years ago. Unless I am mistaken, same with 3.5" FDDs too.
    I believe with modern Windows and systems you can only use USB FDDs.
    I would love to get a 5 1/4 drive with USB connection, but as far as I know they were never made.
    Also as you know modern motherboards no longer have the connections necessary.
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    My wife works in finance and about 18 months ago was given a new Laptop its a Lenovo and still has a traditional optical drive on the right, its because a lot of the work is from overseas and some countries are still very much disk dependant ... she has only used it about 2 or 3 times though and the last time ironically was at a future IFA technology conference in Manchester
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    I was finding cheap controllers that plug into USB and provide the right connector. None of them support 5¼ drives, though. AFAIK, it should almost work, with the following two problems:
    1. the controllers can't provide enough power for the larger drives - easily fixed by powering them directly from the PSU
    2. the controllers only support a limited set of configurations (the numbers of tracks and sectors and the sector size), with the exact specs usually being unclear - this could be a deal breaker.
    Also, I believe that I did come across a modern controller that someone made, but it was too expensive. I can't believe that no one made add in cards for machines used for legacy industrial purposes. I guess that the USB ones work well enough and that by the time those became a thing, the 5¼ drives were already too obsolete.

    EDIT: This kind of thing!
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