Jetson unveils its single-seat ONE eVTOL vehicle ahead of limited 2022 production

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    Swedish eVTOL startup Jetson has officially unveiled its Jetson ONE personal electric aerial vehicle. After a successful prototype in 2018, Jetson has created a consumer-grade version of the ONE eVTOL that has already sold out its limited production run for 2022 and is now taking orders for 2023.

    Jetson is a Swedish startup founded by Peter Ternstrom and Tomasz Patan in 2017 that specializes in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

    The global industry for eVTOL technology and commercial aerial transportation has over 150 different companies developing their own “flying cars,” but nearly all of them remain in the development stage.

    We’ve previously covered other eVTOL vehicles like HT Aero’s X2 and Volocopter, who have shown proof of concepts but have yet to deliver any of their vehicles to consumers.

    With its latest announcement, Jetson hopes to bring its new ONE personal electric aerial vehicle to customers in 2022.



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