Kitsune 4x4 camper van flexes for 4-season gear carry and cozy living

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    Just two weeks after we looked at the fast-transforming "ultimate gear head" camper van from CoPilot Vans, we have another Mercedes Sprinter conversion that can seriously vie for the same title. The Kitsune from Quebec conversion shop Norva packs a highly flexible interior with bed panels that double as shelves, sofas and workbenches and a collapsible shower that works inside or out. Whether it's a boys' weekend or a couples' retreat, the Kitsune carries bikes, skis, boards and more, cutting trail deep into the wilderness any time of year.

    Look inside through the rear doors of the Kitsune, and it feels almost like you're looking at a pop-up outdoor gear shop, backpacks hanging from the wall, skis stacked on side racks, bikes stored in the wide-open center aisle, and sleeping bags and other miscellaneous kit stored away neatly on the hanging shelf. Along with floor and sidewall tie-down track, a key element of that gear storage capability is Norva's Chameleon bed, a five-section rear bed that can break down to clear out the center aisle completely for cargo while its panels serve other purposes.


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