KX and 2.0(1?) headphones

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    First, kinda nooby on sound matter and trying kx, liked it.

    I've been reading things and such, everything works fine and i think positioning has improved over creative defaults.

    Only changes i made over default are HPHSP+ instead of surround+ and added MoreBass (personal preference).

    And in AC97 on 3DSE (3D sound enhancement) i put it to "high".

    I use audigy 2 value+superlux 681 combo (yeah i know its not too good but well...).

    Someone has more configuration tips to improve sound quality/positioning? (if positioning increases and SQ decreases not too much its fine too). <-- I think i a little crackling too... :$, i think ill try to deal w buffer settings tomorrow.

    Thanks for answers, and driver and work too. Btw Using 3550, will update to alpha now.

    PD: Is there any post/somewhere (i admit i didnt look too deep into help, but i couldnt find it easily) we can read about plugin effect? ( like recopilation).
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