Life Size "Hot Wheels" on Display...

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    This is presently in my area and I plan on taking a trek through this display. It's here through the end of Feb.

    Admission charged is per carload. This is also only the 2nd location which has hosted it.

    When you think about Hot Wheels, you probably think about cars that can fit in the palm of your hand. But the Hot Wheels taking over Six Flags Over Georgia for the next month aren’t exactly the kind you'd store in your toy chest!

    The Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru just opened at the Austell theme park and continues through Feb. 28, filling the park with more than 50 vehicles including full-sized versions of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks & Garage of Legends vehicles. Stretching over a mile and a half both outside and inside the park, the display is a true drive-through experience, meaning visitors will listen to a "Hot Wheels audio companion" inside their cars as they cruise through the jaw-dropping collection of famous Hot Wheels cars.
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    1. I lived there
    2. There was no pandemic
    3. Had the money

    this is a no brainer. Awesome idea.
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