Lincoln's Sedan Sales Last Month Were Dreadful

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    Lincoln has been an SUV/crossover-only brand for a full model year now. Sedans like the Lincoln Continental and MKZ have been discontinued. No successors are planned right now, though we wouldn't rule out an all-electric, ultra-luxurious four-door coupe-like sedan in the future. But for now, zero sedans. But there were still apparently a few remaining examples parked on dealership lots last month that have finally been sold.

    Ford released its September sales report earlier this week which included the latest figures for Lincoln as well. Looking at the data, we noticed both the Continental and MKZ experienced major sales drops compared to the same month last year. Specifically, 96.6 percent and 99.5 percent, respectively.

    In all, sedan sales decreased by 98.7 percent. That's what happens when only six MKZs and 14 Continentals were sold in a single month. September 2020 saw 1,113 MKZs and 413 Continentals leave dealer lots. The MKZ is a nice car and all, but it's still essentially a more expensive Ford Fusion, which was also dropped from the lineup. It's the Continental's story that's particularly sad.

    Re-launched for 2017 for the first time in a decade and a half, this reborn Continental was based on a front-wheel-drive platform with available all-wheel-drive. Design-wise, it looked pretty darn good inside and out. That wasn't good enough.


    Source: carbuzz

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