"Madden" said to regain past glory

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    Source: Reuters
    SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 9 (Reuters) - Football season is almost here and for U.S. video gamers, that means one thing -- a new version of "Madden NFL", which could be back in championship form after a couple of lackluster seasons.

    "Madden NFL 08", to hit store shelves next week, promises smoother visuals, finer control over players, and more dramatic gridiron action, such as gang tackles and mid-air hits.

    "When you look at how old the franchise is and how long we've been doing it, we are held to a really, really high standard," lead producer David Ortiz said in an interview.

    "The industry says, 'Okay, another 'Madden' game, what are they going to show us to make us think this a great game?'"

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