Mansory Will Sell You The First High-Performance DBX, If You Can See Past The Styling

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    Aston Martin makes luxurious, fast cars that aim for an elegant, yet aggressive, styling. Mansory takes cars and ruins them by adding more power and too many wings. This modified DBX is what happens when those two ideologies collide.

    The Mansory DBX is the first high-performance DBX we’ve seen. Aston Martin itself has promised both a hybrid iteration of the SUV and a sporty upgrade, but German tuning company Mansory has beat the company to it.

    For its interpretation of a high-performance DBX, Mansory starts with the stock Aston Martin SUV, which has more than 500hp and can reach 180mph. The German company then takes the standard V8 motor and adds two larger turbochargers, a sports exhaust setup, new air filter and new engine management system.

    The result of this is an SUV that offers 800 hp and a top speed of 200 mph. Impressive.

    Source: jalopnik

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