Messed up news:Social Dancing Banned In New York

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    saw this figured I share this "Messed up" news.

    NEW YORK -- Should you find yourself in a bar in New York City, and the music playing makes you want to get up and dance, please resist the urge.

    A state court on Thursday upheld the city's Prohibition-era law that bans social dancing in bars, restaurants and certain clubs.

    Those who like to get up and boogie sued, arguing the law illegally infringes on their right of free expression. The city's Cabaret Law, which was enacted 80 years ago, bans social dancing in all but specially licensed venues.

    The Gotham West Coast Swing Club and several people filed a lawsuit complaining that because the Cabaret Law barred them from dancing with other people, it illegally infringed on their right of free expression.

    The appeals court disagreed, saying recreational dancing is not a form of expression protected by the federal or state constitutions.

    Plaintiffs lawyer Norman Siegel said he was "very disappointed" by the decision and is considering an appeal

    source: Social Dancing Banned In New York - Travel

    I'm setting here saying wtf? and figured ? I'd share my dismay in the total idiocy of the whole thing...
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    welcome to america -_-

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