Method of KX drivers + creative's for live/audigy and above cards to gain full eax

Discussion in '3-D Audio' started by vsmvdd, Sep 3, 2006.

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    first !!!

    you need two cards :cool: :evil:
    local shop gave me a pile of 5 lives for free you find them everywhere for 5 to 10 quid
    i bought the audigy2 last year for £30

    an audigy or higher model
    and a sound blaster live... any model
    install the sblive card only
    and install the full software and any updates for it to the machine
    now you have two methods
    unplug the live card and plug in the audigy and install the kx driver
    plug back in the live start up and it will use either the wdm driver or the one from
    the package for the live you installed {all updates AND the original cd first}
    usualy the wdm {windows crap default driver } is disabled however just change it back
    you can get the other driver back by using the update driver tab
    in the device managers sound driver branch

    {you can remove the wdm driver before installing the live at all
    by using driver cleaner in safe mode}

    instead of removing the live card
    go to its driver tab in the device manager and disable the card completely

    but REBOOT first and again
    close down and install the audigy and above card
    now restart and install the kx drivers
    now only the audigy card and above gets detected by the kx software
    and finaly
    re-enable the sblive and reboot
    now you can choose between the audigy card and the sblive in the sound and audio devices applet most games will use the default windows driver
    this should also be good for windows sound playback
    things like media player the kids games use of eax etc
    will then use the live
    but most software for audio allows you to use any card any time
    i think its best to do this if you make audio stuff
    but still like the bells and whistles windows sounds and games
    most always use the default windows settings

    tips ...
    turn off ECP printer mode just use normal mode
    if you find you get looping windows sounds {as it uses a dma and some older p3 p2 wont allow good sharing of dma}
    although i dont get this problems

    my spec
    msi 6380 KT4 chipset 400mhz fsb 2800+ AMD Athlone Barton
    sblive gamer creative drivers {original cd for the card + web updates to all compoenents}
    sb audigy2 kxdriver later beta 38 version {works well}
    onboard ac97 codec enabled {via sound codec}
    so 3 sound cards 3 drivers 3 independant outputs sets
    and full eax support
    problem solved

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    Mar 28, 2004
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    SO Basically your using the Live with Creative drivers to get partial EAX support....SB Live Cards only support EAX 2.0...
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    its ok for most games as they use compatabilities

    you can simply do it the other way round
    install the creative drivers for the later card you use
    disable it
    plug in the live series and use it for apps that require asio

    its not the best for audio this way but again
    you can plug in two the same card also

    and install mixed driver sets

    i tried it with audigy2 and two work fine together

    then full eax is avalible again

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