Microsoft acquires Two Hat, a moderation company that helps keep Xbox clean

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    Microsoft has acquired Two Hat, a content moderation provider that’s helped keep harmful content off Xbox. Founded nearly 10 years ago by a former Disney Interactive security specialist, Two Hat uses AI to classify and filter billions of human interactions across messages, images, usernames, videos, and more. Microsoft has been working with Two Hat for the past few years to improve its Xbox communities, but the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    “For the past few years, Microsoft and Two Hat have worked together to implement proactive moderation technology into gaming and non-gaming experiences to detect and remove harmful content before it ever reaches members of our communities,” explains Dave McCarthy, head of Xbox product services. “Two Hat’s technology has helped to make global communities in Xbox, Minecraft and MSN safer for users.”

    The acquisition is designed to improve Microsoft’s first-party content moderation in gaming, and even extend to the company’s consumer services. Microsoft has big plans for consumer services, after hiring a former Uber exec to lead a new consumer apps effort earlier this year.

    Microsoft has been trying to acquire popular communities recently, including TikTok, Pinterest, and Discord. CEO Satya Nadella has expressed an interest in Microsoft focusing on creators and communities, and moderation plays a critical part in any online community-based service.
    Source: theverge

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