Microsoft declares its underwater data center test was a success

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    Microsoft retrieved a 40-foot-long, 12-rack, self-contained underwater data center from its seafloor home offshore from the Orkney Islands earlier this summer.

    The retrieval of the Northern Isles began the final phase of Microsoft's Project Natick research initiative, exploring the concept of deploying sealed server pods just offshore major population centers as a replacement for traditional onshore data centers.

    Source: arstechnica
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    you know... if we were to fully explore the depths of the oceans floor.. which is rather massive, and we could penetrate the bottom a good distance enough to detect things... i wonder what the chances are of finding something the predates us that is of some intelligent complex construction.

    Could you imagine say 100,000 years from now, a similar device several hundred years more advanced that would be arguably indestructable filled with similar servers/data that could potentially hold literally everything we'd know at that time, and then be found by whatever comes after us?
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