Microsoft record first ever losses - Ballmer excited about Windows 7

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    Steve Ballmer - the highly excitable CEO of Microsoft has been talking to Skynews recently and said that Windows 7 would pull Microsoft out of the "worst period of its history". In a recent chat with The Times he also said "With Windows 7 we are doing a great job! I think the product is pretty fine!".

    Ballmer didn't hold the publically scorned Windows Vista at fault for declining sales and was keen to point out that the recession has hit everyone hard, even the Redmond OS giant. The last fiscal year was so bad for Microsoft that it was actually their worst recorded period since he joined in 1980. Microsoft have even had to make their first layoffs to control expenditure.

    Microsoft hope that 2010 will be a good year for Windows 7 as the economy slowly starts to rise from the recession however it may take a little longer than imagined before sales hit the kind of figures Microsoft would wish for.

    Ballmer is also confident that will slowly become a challenger to google and as he has already invested $100 million on marketing and several billion on research and development - so I wouldn't be keen to discount the fact that they might eat into googles market dominance.

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    i'ma laugh hard when the "rise in the recession" turns into a small rally before the next big dip..

    ripples people..... ripples..... it can take years for the effects to ripple down and then back up again before people get a clue whats going on. To claim to be rising out of the recession is absurd.
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    Well Windows 7 Will surely secure profit for them in the OEM sector alone, an d with the strides they've made in compatibility, I am sure the corporate sector will actually embrace getting 7 tested and distributed.

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