Microsoft's latest attempt to patch PrintNightmare vulnerabilities causes network printing issues

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    Microsoft's most recent Patch Tuesday release may have resolved the final remains of the PrintNightmare vulnerabilities, but in doing so, may have also impacted users' ability to access network printer resources. The vulnerability, identified in June 2021, provides the unwanted ability to initiate remote code executions (RCEs) via the long-plagued Windows Print Spooler.

    While the latest patch did resolve the current vulnerability, it also introduced a new problem: the inability of some users to access network printers. Network administrators responsible for managing system patching have reported problems ranging from event logs recording error 4098 warnings to missing printer ports to access denied errors preventing use. The reported issues are currently being resolved by rolling back the update.

    Microsoft's latest print spooler-based common vulnerability and exposure (CVE) article addressed a finding allowing attackers who successfully exploited the vulnerability to execute code with elevated privileges via remote code execution. This escalated privilege would allow the attacker to access and gain unwanted control of the target machine. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the print spooler service is no stranger to security risks and vulnerabilities. Since 2020, there have been several CVEs released related to the service.
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    They rolled this out on the network at work, and it made such a mess. Our area lost all access to our production printers. We had to dump all print jobs to USB keys, and upload them directly to each printer. Fun s**t.

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