Miles Morales LEGO Giveaway Open To Players Who Beat Marvel’s Spider-Man

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    PlayStation gamers who have finished up Marvel's Spider-Man in anticipation of the PlayStation 5's Spider-Man: Miles Morales are now eligible for a LEGO giveaway. Chances are, a good majority of PlayStation owners will fulfill the requirements as well. In sales data released earlier today, Marvel's Avengers was revealed as the second best selling superhero game of all time in its launch month. The only game to beat it was Marvel's Spider-Man, which is even more impressive considering that it is a PlayStation exclusive going up against a multiplatform behemoth. Gamers love the webhead, that much is clear.

    Developed by Insomniac Games and published in 2018, Marvel's Spider-Man has quickly become an iconic part of the current PlayStation lineup. Insomniac immediately started work on Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PlayStation 5 launch (and a less talked-about release on PlayStation 4), and there's almost assuredly a full sequel to come after that. In addition, Peter Parker in Marvel's Avengers is a PlayStation exclusive. While it's not known if both games will feature the same Peter Parker, a crossover between the two could only be a boon to future Marvel titles, starting a gaming universe that reflects the brand's connective history in the world of film.

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