Minecraft players create a sprawling, futuristic in-game city inspired by Cyberpunk 2077

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    Today, the apparently-endless ingenuity of Minecraft's players has been put on display yet again, courtesy of one particularly-impressive in-game build: a massive, sprawling city with a decidedly cyberpunk aesthetic.

    You'll see hover cars, neon-lit skyscrapers, complex streets, "holographic" (colored glass) figures, and plenty of other fun little touches. Just imagine what the city might look like with Minecraft's future RTX implementation up and running.

    This build was put together by Minecraft player and YouTuber Elysium Fire (as well as several partners), and it's not the first time they've attempted such an ambitious project. In the past, the individual has constructed enormous spaceships, highly-detailed fantasy lands, medieval castles, and even an impressive steampunk environment in the block-based building game.

    Source: techspot

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