MSI b450 tomahawk Max ethernet and usb cable issues

Discussion in 'MSI UK Forum' started by Pozilbunk, Jan 13, 2021.

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    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a new build I am trying to sort out. I installed windows on the m.2 SSD I have and got the chipset drivers and everything installed but whenever I connect my ethernet cable it works for a short time but when I connect and try to use the net it goes red and then the system hangs. The whole system won"t restart properly either hanging with the fan and CPU on and never fully going off. Any connected usb device is not recognised so it can charge but not fully connect apart from two ports at the back.

    My build is

    Motherboard : MSI b450 tomahawk Max
    CPU: ryzen 5 3600 GHz Vega 11
    1 stick of Corsair vengeance ram 8gb
    WD blue m.2 SSD 500gb

    It is a really simple build in terms of parts but I have tried troubleshooting the issues individually but is there maybe an underlying factor I should be aware of? I updated the bios to the latest but that didn't seem to work is there something in windows I am overlooking? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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