MSI predicts over 20% growth in 2003 revenues and mobo shipments

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    Boosted by its increasing motherboard business and expanding system product lines, Micro-Star International (MSI) expects its 2003 revenues will rise by as much as 30% on 2002.

    For 2003, the company has set its motherboard shipment target at 15 million units, a growth of 20% from 2002. MSI is less optimistic about its graphics card business though, as integrated chipsets are likely to continue eating into the graphics card market this year. Market analysts estimated that MSI’s graphics card shipments may only reach 8-9 million units in 2003. Last year, MSI claimed the throne as Taiwan’s largest graphics card maker with a total shipment of 11.5 million units, surpassing Asustek Computer by more than six million units.

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