Music production question Creative SoundBlaster Recond3D PCI-e

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by Jai'te Mombasu, Dec 17, 2013.

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    OK, so I foolishly and hurriedly bought a Creative SoundBlaster Recond3D PCI-e sound card for music production with FL Studio. Only now have I realized that I misread the suggestion on Image Line's website for the Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi. Anyhow, I need to use an ASIO sound driver to use FL Studio efficiently.

    On Creative's website, it is mentioned that the Recon3D does not support ASIO, but that it can be achieved with emulation.

    So is there any way to use an emulator to run ASIO on the Recon3D, or should I purchase a new card that supports ASIO?

    Also, this computer is my first build and I am still learning a lot, so consider this a disclaimer of my having advanced knowledge on the topic.

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