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Discussion in 'Effects and the DSP' started by dyskmalt, Jan 23, 2003.

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    Jan 20, 2003
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    I just feel like sharing the setup of my dsp window on which i've worked for quite a while now. Maybe it can gives ideas to somebody or incite other people to share their ideas.


    Note that this is for a stereo setup (no 5.1 here) on an audigy card.

    Also, i don't use soundfonts, prefering softsynths, so the 2/3 pins on the FXbus are useless (i think) and are not connected.

    The idea is to mix the FXBus so that it gives me control where every outputs goes. Front, Back, Both or none.

    I have the back output on an amplifier that has speakers in another room (the kitchen). the 4/5 of the FXBus is used by winamp. i have my headphones connected directely to my front output (switched).

    With a setup like this you can easily, for example, have Bjork playing in the kitchen for the girlfriend cooking dinner while working on an unrelated thrashy D&B beat in fruity loops.

    Note that i don't use for the routing plugin and that i have almost no uses for the kx mixer now, except for selecting which ac97 input i care about (mic, line-in).

    Questions, comments, suggestions, alternatives welcome !
  2. Eugene Gavrilov

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    looks nice :)

    btw, in the future the will be a possibility to place any 'user' sliders to the kxmixer pages.
    btw, you can [even in 3528 release] manually edit kxskin.kxs\kxskin.ini file and add any sliders for your plugins in the DSP window


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