My sis needs laptop help

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Duranix, Feb 7, 2006.

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    This isnt about me ok?

    (flamesuit on)

    My sister:

    When I first got my laptop I purchased a five year warranty on it.

    I'm in the third year of the warranty and this is the second time I've had to send it for fixing. The motherboard and the on button were stuffed.

    I dropped it in on the 23rd of December and called them again around mid Jan cos I hadn't heard anything.

    After many phone calls it was agreed that they would contact me when the laptop was fixed. They called me two weeks later and send that they would courier it to me for free because I live in the stix.

    The laptop didn't arrive on the designated day so I left it a bit longer and called 'em. I called em everyday for like two weeks and they finally admitted that someone in the couriering company had stolen it.

    So as you ca imagine things got a lil heated and they finally called me back a week later to say tht the courier company were gona buy me a brand new laptop.

    So no big deal right? That's the right thing for them to do, obviously.. but I feel kinda weird about it.

    I mean I've been totally honest throughout the whole thing and really polite and patient too...

    But thing is, the first time I got my laptop fixed someone from that repair company stole my charger.. bloody took ages for them to finally agree to send me a new one. Which was totally legitimate.

    I haven't done anything wrong... but I feel strange about accepting this brand new laptop which is better than my 3yr old one.. I mean am I supposed to be accepting this like it's a reward from God?

    Or is this a karmatic thing in the sense that I'm gona get a new laptop but I'm gona get a punishment at the same time... Or is the punishment that the laptop got stolen in the first place.. cos i've been without it for nearly 2months...

    I feel like this new laptop isn't a blessing cos i'd be just as happy with my old one... and then it's gona turn around and bite me in the arse...

    whaddyas think? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Two words: sh*t happens.

    Karmatic thing? Barely. This is like, a little point, and what I consider insignificant point in "life".
    Oh and this is a rather common event. "Can't fix <insert hardware>, we give you new one". or "We no longer have <insert hardware>, so we will give you this new (often better) one."

    To be honest (actually, to be blunt), you are exaggerating on how great or bad it's going to be.

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