Need Advice on ZXR Op-Amp Selection

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by LedHed, Oct 21, 2013.

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    My question is about the Op-Amps on the ZXR and I am wondering my best option. I have been looking at putting the LME49710HA-X2 on the center and rears op-amp positions. I've never bought an op-amp before, but I have upgraded my home theater setup lately and I figure I should also upgrade the op-amps for the center and rear channels since they aren't running Burr Browns like the fronts are.

    Need suggestions/advice on the op-amps for the center/sub and rears? Two of those will not fit side by side with how the ZXR is laid out, isn't that correct? Also which Op-Amp position is Center/Sub and which are Rears? If you have any suggestions outside of the LME49710HA X2, I would definitely consider it as I found these to be cheaper than I expected. Is there something more expensive with a better sound?

    My sound chain is like this: ZXR -> Yamaha RX-V863 -> Polk Audio Monitors (Front/Rears) / Definitive Tech Pro 1000 Center. This is connected to my Yamaha through high quality analog cables into it's 7.1 Multi-Channel Input. If you'd like anymore info I would definitely offer it, I just feel like the center in particular isn't anywhere near the quality of the left and right channels.

    I know the rear and center/sub use double DIP Op-Amps for anyone that isn't aware of that (the fronts are singles)
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    Seen dual LME49990 carries in an over/under adapter, so long as the socket has a good enough well in the middle, they should fit,

    According to another forum though, the dual's were ok and it's the LME49710 singles that benefit from replacement - there with LME49720NA - now that can't be right, those are DUALS!

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