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Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by CrapolaJola, Oct 26, 2006.

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    Well I'm finally getting my new computer soon and was am getting an X-Meridian sc and Senn HD650s, but I'm not sure which speakers to get. I've looking at the Creative Gigworks S750s, Klipsch Promedia 5.1s, and the Logitech Z5500s. I love having amazing audio, but I know little about the technical aspects of it so I was hoping you guys could help =]. Thanks'

    Edit: Perhaps I should get some home theatre equipment? I'm willing to spend like $1000 on it so yeah =]
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    my gaud yes....

    If your going to spend 1 grand...

    heres my suggestion

    Get yourself a fairly damn good Yamaha Amplifier with a wackload of video/audio/fiber/digital inputs that suit your needs. Not to mention Analog multi channel input. You'll need about 500-600 watts imo.

    Then purchase yourself 5 or more the IDENTICAL shelf speakers (Don't get a prepackaged surround sound setup, they are crap imo)

    You can always add in a subwoofer later on (just make sure you got a subwoofer output on the amp.)

    For the shelf speakers (or whichever you find to your likeing as you should be able to go into your nearest sound shop and get the employees to be you lackies for a good hour or better by getting them to hook up various speakers of your choice to "sound" them)

    I personally recommend SOUND ACCOUSTIC speakers. They have a 2" tweeter rated at around 30 watts and 6" Mids rated at around 90-100 watts. Anything smaller won't be worth it. Course the next step up with with a Additional low (making them cabinet speakers) with a 10-12" Low rated at around 200 watts. ;) In any case, make sure they are all PORTED for best sound results (imo).

    Course this would probably put you over the grand mark, but you'd have something that'd blow the doors off of any creative gigaworks let alone some peopels utterly massively expensive system.

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