Need tweak to enable 'Theater Overlay Mode' in WMP9>output to>TV

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by net1994, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Hi All. Rage 3d Tweak would actually do this for me, but I recently switched over to the Omega Catalyst drivers and lost the function.

    Basically, in Rage3d there was a 'Windows Setting' where it would send the Windows Media Player video to the Television, and have it cover the whole TV screen by auto sizing it I believe. Before this, when I would turn the TV on, you would see everything including the desktop and icons, etc.

    But now, since switched to the Omega drivers, It won't do this and loosing this function would make me want to switch back. But before I get that drastic, does anyone know of a tweak I can apply, or some little app I can download for free that will let me do this again?


    BTW, before anyone jumps all over me for this thread being in the wrong category, well I had no idea which one it would fit best in.....

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