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    Nero 6 - The Ultimate solution for Data, Video, Photo, Audio and BackUp!

    With Nero 6, Ahead Software presents the follow-up to the famous burning solution Nero Burning ROM 5.5. And what a follow-up! Nero 6 is now the name for a whole suite of applications wrapped around the ultimate project launcher Nero StartSmart. Nero 6 is your All-in-One solution! With all the powerful and fun applications now included in Nero 6, all of your CD and DVD burning tasks can be managed in a breeze. Burning DVD-Video, Photo, Data, Audio or BackUp – just sit back and see Nero 6 handle it all with ease. But this is only one part of the new All-in-One solution. Nero 6 also includes applications edit audio, mix multiple audio tracks like recording studio professionals, watch VCD, SVCD and DVD movies, listen to music, design covers, optimize your drive´s performance and lots, lots more!

    This Demo version includes:
    - Nero Burning ROM 6
    - Nero StartSmart
    - Nero Express 6
    - Nero BackItUp
    - Nero Cover Designer
    - Nero Wave Editor
    - Nero SoundTrax
    - Nero Toolkit
    - Nero Image Drive
    Download: majorgeeks
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    Nero Changelog: to

    Ok Peeps we now have the changelog! Changes from Nero Burning ROM to

    Bug Fixes in

    Changed disc-info dialog to display Formatted area and total capacity for a DVD+RW media
    Implemented a error message if a file is missing to be written for a compilation
    The Windows XP application auto launch feature was not working for DVD-Video on a German Windows XP SP2 System
    Added again the file support for using ASF/WMV/DV/MOV/TIFF file types for a (S)VCD compilation
    When adding MP4 files to a video compilation, there was no preview displayed anymore for such file types
    In some cases, the application did fail in writing to an attached USB recorder
    If the pause before the first track is not exact 2s (150 frames) then Nero failed in copying such audio discs
    It was not possible anymore of adding mp3-files to an Audio-CD Compilation
    Some correct serial numbers were detected as a pirate serial number
    Drop down menu to select the recoreder was cut off when using large font settings for the Operating System
    A error message was appearing multible times if syntax was incorrect for the compilation date option
    Writing a CUI/BIN image was not possible if the image file name did contain spaces
    The calculated time for the burning process was not accurate
    Nero did reject renaming a ISO file name to a file name including a dot
    The application did terminate when switching the video preview back from fullscreen
    Improved the performance for analyzing and adding a MPEG file to a SVCD compilation
    <LI>In some cases an "internal error" appeared after adding a video file to a SVCD compilation

    Here's the other Changelog's For:

    Nero StartSmart
    Nero Express
    Nero BackItUp
    Nero SoundTrax
    Nero Cover Designer

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