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    After having two modems take a dump after about one year, I am wondering if the way I connect and diconnect from the internet ends up damaging the modem hardwae.
    I often use a shortcut to Network Connections to "enable" and "disable" my online connection.

    When I originally had my DSL line activated, I did not always want to be connected to the net so I have been using a shortcut to Network Connections: to either enable or disable my modem-connection.

    After about a year (about March of 2005) , I went to get online and everything appeared a "go" but could not "get out" to the net and open browser pages...just all timed out.
    Called tech support and according to them after, YIKES, like 3 hours of diags., setting changes, et., I was (according to them) connected, good connection, everything should be fine but just could not connect.
    So, depite the appearance that the modem and my connection were "fine" they sent another modem. Installed it and -bingo- everything fine.

    Fast forward to this year, last week. Went to sign on and ...same thing....
    Called tech support went through the same rig-a-ma-roll but this time they absolutely said that it was not the modem, that it was fine, connection was fine, et.
    So, hooked up two other computers and neither would work. Put my comp on another DSL line and connected right away...

    So, back to DSL provider tech support- they sent another modem out, connected it and ....fine, back up.

    Both thimes, the only common element in both cases was my regular use of "enabling" and "disabling" my modem-connection by the use of a shotcut from Network Connections. (right click-enable or disable).

    Question is, does enabling and disabling my connection like that put undue strain on the modem?

    or, can anyone tell me the "right way" to disconnect and reconnect to the internet if I do not always want to be "on?"

    Thanks for your time.


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