New Akasa Aluminum Case with Thermal Kit for Raspberry Pi 4

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    Akasa, a leading supplier of thermal solutions for the global electronics industry, released the Pi-4 aluminium fanless case for the new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. A customised thermal kit with heatsink top cover dissipates heat away from the hot zones, namely the CPU, GPU and USB 3.0 chipset, effectively cooling the Raspberry Pi 4 and ensuring the system runs optimally, even under heavy workload.

    The contemporary styled heatsink top cover, the base with a diamond edge finish, and the black sandblasted anodised finish give the Pi-4 a refined look and feel. The case will look great in any environment as an HTPC, web server, NAS or otherwise. Compact and sturdy, it is the perfect solution for protecting a maker board.


    Optimal Thermal Performance
    The thermal kit consists of two aluminium blocks, hi-performance thermal pads and compound. Measuring 6 mm thick, the heatsink top cover takes the heat passed upwards from the aluminium blocks and dissipates it into the air. Extruded fins on the top cover maximise the surface area and increase heat dissipation. Coupled together, the thermal kit and heatsink top cover significantly reduce temperatures.



    Create Commercial or Industrial Solutions
    Using the Raspberry Pi 4 dual 4K video capabilities, the GPU can get quite hot. The thermal kit of the Pi-4 was designed for such thermal situations and significantly reduces the GPU temperature. Akasa will soon release a mounting kit for the Pi-4 which accommodates wall mounting or DIN rail, making the Pi-4 ideal for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

    Specifications and Customisation Options
    Full specs and configuration options are available Here.

    • The Pi-4 is available to order starting today in 30+ countries throughout Europe, Asia, the US and Canada.
    • Micro HDMI display cables, adapters and USB Type-C power adapters for the Raspberry Pi 4 will soon be available from Akasa.

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