New Carmaker Brings Science Fiction To Life

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    By our estimation, it has been around five minutes since an all-new EV manufacturer was introduced, so it's about time a new one came along.

    The latest EV brand is simply called "R," which takes the current minimalist motoring trend to a whole new level. R says it's focused on offering cutting-edge tech and a high-end experience to young fashion-driven customers.

    R's first offering is called the RYZR. We're guessing R was going for a cooler way of spelling the word "razor," but Motorola already has the patent for RAZR. In any case, the RYZR is built for urban mobility. A new alternative means of transport in crowded cities. Pretty much what Apple is doing with its upcoming car. Even Huawei is getting in on the EV trend, while Sony seems to be taking a more innovative approach.

    According to R, "RYZR offers a new solution, with its dramatic architecture, agile handling, and adrenaline-charged open cockpit experience."

    The best way to describe the look of the RYZR is a blend between an Ariel Atom, Ferrari Monza, Morgan three-wheeler, KTM X-Bow, and the strange mind of Steven Lisberger. Many of you won't know the name, but he's the man responsible for the 1980's sci-fi hit, Tron.

    There are several cool things about the RYZR, apart from the front track being much wider than the rear. It doesn't have a key, but you do get an outfit that goes with it. Because R is as focused on fashion as mobility, the suit is called the RYZR Smart-JKT. The suit is essentially the key, and the RYZR starts as soon as the driver sits down.



    Source: carbuzz

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