New virus copies CNN News Headlines

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    The latest report from anti-virus firms confirmed the existence of a worm that copies dynamically changing CNN News Headlines and sends itself to unsuspecting users via e-mail.

    After user action, the worm searches the computer for contact information and sends itself again to contacts it finds on the machine.

    Anti-virus firms, such as Sophos, said virus writers are getting trickier everyday and with the latest CNN News Headlines case, many innocent users will fall victims to such a convincing e-mail.

    The worm, codenamed Crowt-A, uses the same subject line and attachment name to make it the message look more legit. It also installs malicious code on the system that records keystrokes and sends the confidential information to the recipient.

    Thus far, Crowt-A is not a serious threat, but anti-virus firms did find some traces of it online.

    Although CNN did not comment on the report, it is being speculated that their brand may lose some trust from novice users due to this incident.

    Source: CoolTechZone

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