Nintendo Releasing New Mario-Themed Special Edition Switch

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    At this point, it feels like Nintendo is slapping the face of any schmuck (i.e. me) that bought the Switch at launch. The pallid grey console has gotten a number of gorgeous makeovers during its lifetime, including an Animal Crossing themed one. Nintendo is now stepping up its Switch game with a Mario-themed variant of the console.

    Officially named the Mario Red & Blue Edition, this version of the Switch is also the first to come with a full-on color change. The Switch itself is colored a bright brick red, just like Mario’s iconic hat. The console’s stand, joycon controllers, and case are also the same recognizable red. The joycon holder and shoulders are colored blue after the famous plumber’s overalls. Of course, there are also some small yellow accents on the joycon and carrying case to represent the big buttons holding up Mario’s pants.

    Source: Dualshockers

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