Nintendo Switch finally gets support for Bluetooth audio, with a bunch of caveats

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    Ever since its launch in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has only natively supported wired audio accessories. Support for Bluetooth audio devices such as Bluetooth headphones has been completely absent. Although some manufacturers do offer dongles and accessories to work around this limitation, native support has just not been present. We have talked in length about how we would love to have support for Bluetooth audio in the system, particularly given the fact that even Switch controllers connect to the console via the same technology. Today, Nintendo has finally pushed out a software update which enables this capability.

    Support for Bluetooth audio comes via system software update 13.0.0, which is available both for the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite right now. It adds a "Bluetooth Audio" configuration in the settings menu, which enables you to pair your console with a Bluetooth headset.
    Source: Neowin
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    Still the best option imo:

    Genki Audio for Switch
    Genki Audio Lite for Switch Lite

    I backed these guys on Kickstarter, and haven't regretted it since.

    PS: Audio Lite works with the regular Switch, but you can only connect 1 headset at a time with it, plus you lose the chargethrough/passthrough option.

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