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    Hello all. I have a sony vaio laptop model PCG-K45. Got if from a garage sale ($10 =-) and the only thing wrong with it was the lcd was broken so no display. I connected it to my tv through vga which worked fine, then installed windows 7 on it, ran all the updates, installed the few missing drivers Windows 7 missed, then of course like everyone else, since this card is not supported in Windows 7 by ATI (or Sony), was stuck with the 'standard vga adapter' instead of the ati 300m or whatever its called. So after googling around a bit, I ended up here. I downloaded the Mobility Modder tool then modded catalyst driver 5.13. It worked perfect. The modified driver installed and I even saw the 'standard vga adapter' change to the real cards name (ati 300m or whatever) but then after selecting to reboot to complete the installation, I've had no picture at all. My tv keeps saying resolution not supported. Tried connecting to a regular signal. Tried booting to cd (linux, windows xp/7/8, etc), usb (using plop boot manager on cd), BIOS...nothing, no picture. Even tried taking the hard drive and battery out and attempt to boot to BIOS/Windows startup disc, etc and still no picture. This leads me to believe it's hardware related. Whats weird is that I can tell its booting up (eventually I'll hear windows 7 startup noise) but i still get no picture. Is it possible to physically damage the card with wrong (or unsupported) video drivers? Gonna find the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS but after that I'm out of ideas.

    Anybody seen or heard of this before or have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated...ty

    Oh and FYI, I've been a pc tech for 10 years so please no obvious "have you made sure it's plugged in" type stuff. =)

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