Nokia enter into the netbook market - Apple to follow?

Discussion in 'News Discussion' started by HardwareHeaven, Oct 14, 2009.

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    We all know Nokia as one of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers but what many of you won't already know is that they are getting into the netbook market with their aptly named Booklet 3G.

    At a press event on Tuesday they showcased their Booklet 3G, a Windows 7 Netbook that will run exclusively on AT&T's 3G Wireless network. At a cost of $299, Nokia seem to have the pricing right and clearly aim to get a lot of sales for the product.

    With a battery life of around 12 hours (probably nearer to 9 in 'real world' terms) this product is sure to appeal to business users who like to travel light but not compromise on long term usability - a common problem with the majority of netbooks to this point are based around rather weak three to four hour battery life.

    For the $299 however consumers must agree to a two year service contract with AT&T and it will cost up to $60 a month for 5GB of data transfer - retailers will be exclusive to Best Buy throughout the holidays. If you wish to escape the contract you can buy an unsubsidised version for $599.

    The booklet 3g has a 10.1 inch screen (1280x720 res) and is based around a 1.6ghz Atom Z530 Processor with 1GB of ram and a 120GB hard drive - its not a hardcore machine, but it is targeted to a very specific market.

    Some industry insiders reckon that the production of this machine is to help offset losses in the market place to Apple in the smartphone area and with Apple releasing more and more products, the battle for various sectors is rife. Apple have not yet released a Netbook of their own, but the rumours are that even the 'expensive' Apple brand will be targeting this lucrative $300-$400 sector at a later date - we will keep you posted.

    Allan Campbell: Heaven Media

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    I do hope that DH will review this product ;)
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    MANY points for the battery life and the resolution. Finally.
    Not too happy about the CPU.
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    I don't like netbooks , If I want something handy i will use the mobile phone and for the more production but with less mobility there is the laptop. I think the net books are a rip off.They are even the same price or little less than a laptop with a far higher specs.

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