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    .z Packed file (file name extension - using Pack/Unpack
    program)..lower case z..[Unix]
    .Z Compressed file (file name extension - using
    Compress/Uncompress program)..upper case Z..[Unix]
    ZAK Zero Administration Kit [Microsoft]
    ZAW Zero Administration for Windows [Microsoft]
    ZBR Zone-Bit Recording [IBM]
    Z-CAV Zoned Constant Angular Velocity
    ZDL Zero Delay Lockout
    ZDS Zenith Data Systems
    ZIF Zero-Insertion Force (socket)
    ZIP Zigzag In-Line Package +
    Zone Improvement Plan (ZIPcode)
    .ZIP Compressed File (file name extension) [PKWare]
    .ZOO Compressed File (file name extension) [Dhesi]
    ZPV Zoomed Port Video [Toshiba]
    ZSL Zero Slot LAN
    @ At + Commercial At
    ~ Tilde
    (_) Underscore
    * Wildcard character (asterisk)
    *.* Star-Dot-Star (represents
    Any file name.Any file name extension)
    .$$$ Temporary File (file name extension)
    1GL First Generation Language (machine language)
    24/7 Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week
    286 80286 (microprocessor)
    2GL Second Generation Language (assembly language)
    386 80386 (microprocessor)
    3COM 3 Com Corporation (The 3 Coms are
    Computer, Communications and Compatibility)
    3GL Third Generation Language (programming language)
    486 80486 (microprocessor)
    4GL Fourth Generation Language (descriptive language)
    6DOF Six Degrees Of Freedom
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    .ad Andorra
    .ae United Arab Emirates
    .ag Antigua and Barbuda
    .ai Anguilla
    .al Albania
    .am Armenia
    .ar Argentina
    .at Austria
    .au Australia
    .aw Aruba
    .ba Bosnia-Herzegovina
    .be Belgium
    .bg Bulgaria
    .bh Bahrain
    .bm Bermuda
    .bn Brunei Darussalam
    .bo Bolivia
    .br Brazil
    .bs Bahamas
    .bw Botswana
    .by Belarus
    .bz Belize
    .ca Canada
    .cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    .ch Switzerland
    .ci Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
    .cl Chile
    .cn China
    .co Colombia
    .cr Costa Rica
    .cu Cuba
    .cy Cyprus
    .cz Czech Republic
    .de Germany
    .dk Denmark
    .dm Dominica
    .do Dominican Republic
    .ec Ecuador
    .ee Estonia
    .eg Egypt
    .es Spain
    .et Ethiopia
    .fi Finland
    .fj Fiji
    .fm Micronesia
    .fo Faroe Islands
    .fr France
    .gb Great Britain
    .ge Georgia
    .gi Gibraltar
    .gl Greenland
    .gp Guadeloupe (French)
    .gr Greece
    .gt Guatemala
    .gu Guam
    .gy Guyana
    .hk Hong Kong
    .hn Honduras
    .hr Croatia
    .hu Hungary
    .id Indonesia
    .ie Ireland
    .il Israel
    .in India
    .ir Iran
    .is Iceland
    .it Italy
    .jm Jamaica
    .jo Jordan
    .jp Japan
    .ke Kenya
    .kg Kyrgyzstan
    .kr Korea (South)
    .kw Kuwait
    .kz Kazakhstan
    .lb Lebanon
    .lc Saint Lucia
    .li Liechtenstein
    .lk Sri Lanka
    .lt Lithuania
    .lu Luxembourg
    .lv Latvia
    .ma Morocco
    .mc Monaco
    .md Moldova
    .mk Macedonia
    .mn Mongolia
    .mo Macau
    .mt Malta
    .mu Mauritius
    .mv Maldives
    .mx Mexico
    .my Malaysia
    .na Namibia
    .nc New Caledonia (French)
    .nf Norfolk Island
    .ng Nigeria
    .ni Nicaragua
    .nl Netherlands
    .no Norway
    .np Nepal
    .nu Niue
    .nz New Zealand
    .om Oman
    .pa Panama
    .pe Peru
    .pf Polynesia (French)
    .pg Papua New Guinea
    .ph Philipines
    .pk Pakistan
    .pl Poland
    .pt Portugal
    .py Paraguay
    .qa Qatar
    .ro Romania
    .ru Russian Federation
    .sa Saudi Arabia
    .se Sweden
    .sg Singapore
    .si Slovenia
    .sk Slovak Republic
    .su USSR (former)
    .sv El Salvador
    .th Thailand
    .tn Tunisia
    .to Tonga
    .tr Turkey
    .tt Trinidad and Tobago
    .tw Taiwan
    .tz Tanzania
    .ug Uganda
    .uk United Kingdom
    .us United States
    .uy Uruguay
    .uz Uzbekistan
    .va Vatican City State
    .ve Venezuela
    .vi Virgin Islands (USA)
    .vn Vietnam
    .ye Yemen
    .yu Yugoslavia
    .za South Africa
    .zm Zambia
    .zw Zimbabwe
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    god you have got to love GOOGLE :)

    BTW... I think I wore out my copy/paste buttons :(
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    <Standing Ovation> :D Wow... just... wow. Wyre wins! ;)
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    SPAM Spiced Ham (Hormel canned pork developed in 1937)
    SPAM Search Pattern Assessment Model
    SPAM Service Provisioning and Account Management
    SPAM Service Provisioning and Number Management
    SPAM Shelter, Portable, Air Mobile
    SPAM Shelter, Protective, Aircraft Maintenance
    SPAM Shoulder of Pork & Ham (Hormel canned pork developed in 1937)
    SPAM Some Place Around Montana / Missouri / Massachusetts / Mississippi / Maine :)
    SPAM Space Planning and Management (University of Missouri - Columbia)
    SPAM Strike Package and Associated Messages (Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System)
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    damn, now that wut i'm talkin bout! nice job
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    (ISC)2: International Information System Security Certification Consortium

    µ (mu): Micro
    Prefix for 10 power -6

    1GL: First Generation Language
    Machine language (Software)

    24/7: 24 hours a day/7 days a week

    2D: 2Dimensional

    2D: Double Density

    2G: Second Generation
    Mobile telecommunication network allowing 14.4 kbps transfer rates (Communication)

    2GL: Second Generation Language
    Assembler and other low-level languages (Software)

    2HD: 2 sides, High Density

    2PC: 2-Phase Commit
    Protocol to allow replicated data to be modified at multiple sites

    2S: 2 Sides

    2S2D: 2 Sides, Double Density

    2SHD: 2 Sides, High Density

    3D: 3Dimensional

    3DES: Triple Data Encryption Standard

    3G: Third Generation
    Mobile telecommunication network allowing 300-400 kbps transfer rates (Communication)

    3GIO: Third Generation Input Output
    (Intel) (Hardware)

    3GL: 3rd Generation Language
    High level programming languages (Software)

    3GPP: Third Generation Partners Project
    See http://www.3gpp.org/ (Organizations)

    4G: Fourth Generation
    Mobile telecommunication network allowing 10Mbit/s transfer rates (Communication)

    4GL: 4th Generation Language
    Database access languages (Software)

    4GT: 4 Gigabyte memory Tuning

    5GL: Fifth Generation Language
    Artificial intelligence languages (Software)

    6DOF: Six Degrees Of Freedom

    A: Ampere
    Current measurement unit

    a: atto
    Prefix for 10 power -18

    Ã…: Ã…ngstrom
    Length measurement unit corresponding to 10 power -10 meters

    A/D: Analog/Digital

    A/P: Accounts Payable

    A/PC: Auto Personal Computer

    A/R: Accounts Receivable

    A/UX: Apple UniX
    (Apple) (Operating systems)

    AA: Auto Answer

    AA: Advertising Agent

    AA: Anti-Aliasing
    Method for removing jagged edges

    AAA: Asp Application Aggregator

    AAA: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
    A term for a framework for intelligently controlling access to computer resources, enforcing policies, auditing usage, and providing the information necessary to bill for services. These combined processes are important for effective network management (Security)

    AAB: All-to-All Broadcast

    AAC: Advanced Audio Coding

    AAF: Advanced Authoring Format

    AAL: Atm Adaption Layer
    Layer 3 of the ATM architecture. Adapts user traffic into/from ATM 48-byte payloads (Communication)

    AAP: Applications Access Point

    AARP: Appletalk Address Resolution Protocol
    (Apple) (Network)

    AAS: Auto Area Segmentation
    Scanner technology which detects and optimizes text and graphics on the same page (Epson) (Hardware)

    AAS: All-to-All Scatter

    AASP: Ascii Asynchronous Support Package

    AAT: Average Access Time

    AATP: Authorized Academic Training Program

    ABA: Address Book Archive
    Filename extension

    ABAP: Advanced Business Application Programming
    Powerful programming language created specifically for developing SAP applications. ABAP Objects is the new object-oriented generation of this language, designed to respond to the needs of SAP's future strategies and environments (Software)

    ABC: Atanasoff-Berry Computer
    First digital calculating machine that used vacuum tubes

    ABC: Activity-Based Costing

    ABEL: Advanced Boolean Expression Language

    ABEND: ABnormal END

    ABI: Application Binary Interface
    Defines the binary system interface between compiled applications and the operating system on which they run.

    ABIOS: Advanced Basic Input Output System

    ABIST: Automatic Built-In Self-Test

    ABLE: Adaptive Battery Life Extender

    ABM: Asynchronous Balanced Mode
    HDLC data transfer mode (Network)

    ABNF: Augmented Backus Naur Form

    ABR: Available Bit Rate
    One of five ATM Forum defined service types. Supports variable bit rate data traffic with flow control, a minimum guaranteed data transmission rate and specified performance parameters (Communication)

    ABRS: Automated Book Request System

    ABS: Address Book Synchronization

    ABS: ABSolute

    ABS: Automatic Backup System

    ABT: ABorT

    ABTS: Ascii Block Terminal Services

    AC: Alternate Current

    AC: Audio Codec

    AC: AutoCheck

    AC: Automatic Computer

    AC: Authentication Center

    AC: Access Customer

    ACAP: Application Configuration Access Protocol

    ACC: ACCumulator

    ACC: Authorization Contract for Containers
    Specification (JSR-115) that defines new java.security.Permission classes to satisfy the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) authorization model (Sun) (Software)

    ACD: Automatic Call Distribution

    ACDI: Asynchronous Communications Device Interface

    ACE: Access Control Encryption

    ACE: Automatic Computing Engine

    ACE: Adverse Channel Enhancements

    ACE: Advanced Computing Environment

    ACE: Access Control Entry
    An entry in an Access Control List (ACL). An ACE contains a set of access rights and a security identifier (SID) that identifies a trustee for whom the rights are allowed, denied, or audited (Operating systems)

    ACE: Adobe Certified Expert

    ACF: Access Control Field

    ACF: Advanced Communications Function

    ACH: Automated Clearing House

    ACIA: Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter

    ACIAS: Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System

    ACID: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability

    ACIS: American Committee for Interoperable Systems

    ACK: ACKnowledge
    A transmission control character transmitted by a station as an affirmative response to the station with which the connection has been set up. (Communication)

    ACL: Access Control List
    For granting or denying access to computer resources (security) (Operating systems)

    ACL: Advanced Cmos Logic

    ACL: Asynchronous ConnectionLess

    ACM: Association for Computing Machinery

    ACM: Audio Compression Manager

    ACM: Afp Conversion Module

    ACMS: Application Control Management System

    ACNM: Application Centric Network Management

    ACO: Alternate Checksum Option

    ACP: Ancillary Control Program

    ACP: Auxiliary Control Process

    ACP: Active Code Page

    ACPI: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

    ACR: Allowed Cell Rate

    ACROSS: Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System

    ACS: Advanced Computer System

    ACS: Access Control Set

    ACS: Access Control System

    ACS: Anti Curl System

    ACS: Asynchronous Communication Server

    ACS: Automatic Class Selection

    ACS: Automatic Contrast Selection

    ACS: Admission Control Service
    (Microsoft) (Network)

    ACS: Access Control Server

    ACSE: Association Control Service Element
    The method used in International Organization for Standardization's open systems interconnection (OSI) for establishing a call between two applications.

    ACSI: American Customer Satisfaction Index

    ACSM: Application Centric Storage Management

    ACSS: Aural Cascading Style Sheets

    ACT: Application Compatibility Toolkit
    (Microsoft) (Software)

    ACTS: Advanced Communication Technology Satellite
    (NASA) (Communication)

    ACTS: Automated Computer Time Server

    ACTT: Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology

    ACU: Automatic Calling Unit

    ACVC: Ada Compiler Validation Capacity

    AD: Active Directory
    (Operating systems)

    ADA: Automatic Data Acquisitions

    ADA: Adobe Developers Association

    ADA: ADA
    Programming language named after Augusta Ada Lovelace

    ADAPT: Architecture, Design, Analysis and Planning Tool

    ADB: Apple Desktop Bus
    Bus architecture (Apple) (Hardware)

    ADBS: Advanced Data Broadcast System

    ADC: Analog to Digital Converter
    A device that translates analog signals to digital signals. Contrast with digital-to-analog converter (DAC). (Hardware)

    ADC: Advanced Data Connector
    (Microsoft) (Databases)

    ADC: Application Delete Certificate

    ADC: Adaptive Data Compression

    ADC: ADd with Carry

    ADC: Active Directory Connector
    (Operating systems)

    ADC: Application Development Consultant

    ADC: Apple Display Connector
    (Apple) (Hardware)

    ADCAP: ADvanced CAPability
    Used to refer to advanced capability, cuttin edge technology, also in military applications (e.g. ADCAP missile)

    ADCCP: Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures

    ADD: Automatic Document Detection

    ADD: Adapter Device Driver

    ADF: Automatic Document Feeder
    Scanner device (Hardware)

    ADF: Automatically Defined Function

    ADF: Adapter Description File
    File name extension

    ADI: AutoCad Device Interface

    ADK: Appliance Development Kit

    ADL: Address Data Latch

    ADL: Architecture Description Language

    ADLAT: ADaptive LATtice filter

    ADLC: Asynchronous Data Link Control

    ADM: Application Distribution and Management

    ADMACS: Apple Document Management And Control System

    ADMD: ADministrative Management Domain

    ADML: Application Description Markup Language

    ADMS: Adstar Distributed Management System

    ADO: Activex Data Object
    (Microsoft) (Databases)
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    ADODB: Activex Data Object DataBase
    (Microsoft) (Databases)

    ADP: Automatic Data Processing

    ADP: Access Database Project
    Filename extension (Microsoft) (Software)

    ADP: Aol Dynamic Pages

    ADPCM: Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
    Communication protocol (Communication)

    ADR: ADdRess

    ADR: Advanced Digital Recording

    ADR2: Advanced Digital Recording 2nd generation

    ADS: Application Development Solutions

    ADS: Application Development System

    ADS: Automatic Distribution System

    ADS: Advanced Digital System

    ADS: Active Directory Service
    Windows 2000 network objects database that stores each specific network item in a central database and that may be replicated (Microsoft) (Operating systems)

    ADS/O: Application Development System / Online

    ADSC: Adobe Document Structuring Conventions

    ADSI: Active Directory Service Interface

    ADSI: Analog Display Services Interface

    ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
    Communication infrastructure (Communication)

    ADSM: Advanced Data Storage Management

    ADSM: Adstar Distributed Storage Manager
    (IBM) (Databases)

    ADSP: Appletalk DataStream Protocol

    ADSR: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

    ADT: Access Developer Toolkit
    (Microsoft) (Software)

    ADT: Abstract Data Type

    ADT: Application Data Type

    ADT: Atlantic Daylight Time
    Timezone: GMT -4:00

    ADT: Advanced Dram Technology

    ADTG: Advanced Data Table Gram
    Proprietary binary format for storing database data (Microsoft) (Databases)

    ADU: Automatic Dialing Unit

    ADW: Advanced Docking Window

    ADW: Application Development Workbench

    AE: Above or Equal

    AeA: America Electronics Association

    AEB: Analog Expansion Bus

    AEC: Architecture, Engineering, Construction
    A computer graphics market requiring specialized applications that facilitate efficient planning, design, drafting, and analysis.

    AEGIS: Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System

    AEI: Application Enabling Interface

    AES: Advanced Encryption Standard

    AESA: Atm End System Address

    AF: Assured Forwarding
    Using AF, a provider may offer different levels of service for IP packets received from a customer domain. Each AF class is allocated a specified amount of buffer space and bandwidth (Network)

    AFA: Accelerated File Access

    AFAIK: As Far As I Know
    (Net lingo)

    AFC: Automatic Frequency Control

    AFC: Application Foundation Classes
    (Microsoft) (Software)

    AFC: Automatic Font Change

    AFC: AntiFerromagnetically-Coupled
    Multilayer coating expected to permit hard-disk drives to store 100 billion bits (gigabits) of data per square inch of disk area (IBM) (Hardware)

    AFD: Automatic File Distribution

    AFDW: Active Framework for Data Warehousing

    AFFS: Amiga Fast File System
    (Operating systems)

    AFI: Authority and Format Identifier

    AFII: Association for Font Information Interchange

    AFIRM: Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match

    AFIS: Automated Fingerprint Identification System

    AFK: Away From Keyboard
    (Net lingo)

    AFLCD: AntiFerroelectric Liquid Crystal Display

    AFM: Atomic Force Microscope

    AFM: Adobe Font Metrics
    File name extension (Adobe)

    AFP: Appletalk Filing Protocol
    (Apple) (Communication)

    AFP: Advanced Function Presentation

    AFP: Advanced Function Printing
    Suite of electronic printing solutions to turn your invoices, letters, policies, statements and reports into high-quality, cost-effective documents (IBM) (Software)

    AFPL: Alladin Free Public License

    AFR: Annualized Failure Rate

    AFR: Alternate Frame Rendering

    AFS: Andrew File System

    AFT: Adapter Fault Tolerance

    AFTP: Anonymous File Transfer Protocol

    AGA: Advanced Graphics Adapter

    AGA: Advanced Graphics Architecture
    Graphics architecture for Amiga computers

    AGARAS: AntiGlare AntiReflective AntiStatic

    AGC: Automatic Gain Control

    AGE: Amorphium Graphics Engine

    AGLR: Anti-Glare, Low Reflection

    AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port

    AGU: Address Generation Unit

    AH: Authentication Header

    Ah: Ampere Hour
    Rechargable battery charge measurement unit (Hardware)

    AHA: Adaptec Host Adapter
    (Adaptec) (Hardware)

    AHDL: Analog Hardware Description Language

    AHDT: Alaska-Hawaii Daylight Time
    Timezone: GMT -10:00

    AHS: Abstract Handle Specification

    AHST: Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time
    Timezone: GMT -10:00

    AI: Artificial Intelligence

    AI: Analog Input

    AIA: Applications Integration Architecture

    AIC: Aixwindows Interface Composer

    AID: Application IDentifier

    AIFF: Audio Interchange File Format

    AIIM: Association for Information and Image Management

    AIM: Aol Instant Messenger

    AIM: Application Integration Module

    . AIM: Application Interface Module

    AIN: Advanced Intelligent Network

    AIP: Asp Infrastructure Provider

    AIP: Application Infrastructure Provider

    AIR: Architecture Implementation Review

    AIS: Automated Information System

    AIS: Alarm Indication Signal

    AISB: Association of Imaging Service Bureaus

    AISP: Association of Information Systems Professionals

    AIT: Advanced Intelligent Tape

    AIX: Advanced Interactive eXecutive
    IBM's Unix (IBM) (Operating systems)

    AJDT: AspectJ Development Tools
    Provides Eclipse platform based tool support for Aspect Oriented Software Development (AOSD) with AspectJ. See http://www.eclipse.org/ajdt/ (Software)

    aka: Also Known As
    (Net lingo)

    ALAT: Advanced Load Address Table

    ALB: Advanced Load Balancing

    ALC: Application Load Certificate

    ALC: Automatic Level Control

    ALC: Arithmetic and Logic Circuits

    ALC: Airline Link Control
    Service protocol (Network)

    ALDC: Adaptive Lossless Data Compression

    ALE: Address Latch Enable

    ALE: Application Launch and Embedding

    ALE: Account Level Equivalence

    ALEC: Alternative Local Exchange Carrier

    ALEP: Advanced Language Engineering Platform

    ALGOL: ALGOrithmic Language
    Programming language (Software)

    ALIBI: Adaptive Location of Internetworked Bases of Information

    ALICE: Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity

    ALINK: Active LINK

    ALIWEB: Archie Like Indexing in the WEB

    ALM: Asynchronous Line Multiplexer
    A device that connects multiple terminals or other serial interface devices to Sun network file servers or workstations. Also known as "multiple terminal interface."

    ALN: Asynchronous Learning Network

    ALP: Apple List Price
    Recommended retail price for Apple Macintosh equipment (Apple) (Hardware)

    ALP: Automatic Language Processing

    ALR: Advanced Logic Research

    ALSA: Architectures of Large Systems of Agents

    ALT: ALTernate

    ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit
    Device in a CPU performing arithmetic operations (Hardware)

    AM: Amplitude Modulation

    AMA: Automatic Message Accounting

    AMASS: Archival Management And Storage System

    AMD: Advanced Micro Devices
    CPU Manufacturer (AMD)

    AMD: Active Matrix Display

    AME: Advanced Metal Evaporation
    Recording media technology (Hardware)

    AMG: All Music Guide

    AMHA: Advanced Macro Heuristic Analysis
    (Dr. Solomon)

    AMI: American Megatrends, Inc.

    AMI: Alternate Mark Inversion

    AMI: Application Messaging Interface

    AMLCD: Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display

    AMMA: Advanced Memory Management Architecture

    AMP: Attached Media Processor

    AMP: Asymmetric MultiProcessing
    System architecture that uses different types of processors in a multi-processor system (Hardware)

    AMPS: Advanced Mobile Phone System

    AMQRS: Audio Master Quality Recording System

    AMR: Audio Modem Riser
    Slot for an internal modem (Hardware)

    AMS: Advanced Microcomputer System
    (Siemens-Nixdorf) (Hardware)

    ANDF: Architecture-Neutral Distribution Format

    ANI: ANImated cursor
    File name extension (Microsoft)

    ANI: Automatic Number Identification

    ANN: ANNotations
    File name extension (IBM)

    ANN: Artificial Neural Network

    ANS: American National Standard

    ANSI: American National Standard Institute
    An organization that reviews and approves product standards in the United States. (Organizations)

    ANT: Another Neat Tool
    Ant is a Java based build tool. In theory it is kind of like make without make's wrinkles. See http://jakarta.apache.org/ant (Software)

    ANT: Advanced Network Tools

    ANX: Automotive Network eXchange

    AO: Analog Output

    . AO/DI: Always On/Dynamic Isdn

    AOCE: Apple Open Collaborative Environment

    AOCN: Administrative Operating Company Number

    AOE: Application Operating Environment

    AOL: America OnLine

    . AOL: Alert On Lan

    AOP: Association of Online Professionals

    . AOP: Aspect-Oriented Programming

    AOS: Add Or Subtract

    AOSD: Aspect-Oriented Software Development

    AOT: Ahead Of Time
    Programs compilation technique (Software)

    AOW: Asia and Oceania Workshop
    One of the three regional OSI implementors workshops.

    AP: Application Processor

    AP: Access Point

    AP: Access Provider

    APA: Adaptive Packet Assembly

    APA: All Points Addressable

    APA: Arithmetic Processing Accelerator

    APAR: Authorized Program Analysis Report

    APC: American Power Conversion

    APCUG: Association of Personal Computer User Groups

    APCVG: Association of Personal Computer Users Group

    APDU: Application Protocol Data Unit

    APF: Apple Filing Protocol

    APF: Automated Purposing Framework
    Collection of scripts and utilities that enable you to consistently and reliably prepare computer hardware (BIOS, mass storage) and install the Windows operating system and layered products on one or more build computers (Microsoft)

    API: Application Programming Interface
    A set of calling conventions defining how a service is invoked through a software package. (Software)

    APIC: Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

    APIPA: Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing

    APIS: Advanced Passenger Information System

    APL: A Programming Language

    APL: Applied Physics Laboratory
    Advanced research facility in Skaggsville, MD.

    APL: Average Picture Level
    Monitor quality parameter (Hardware)

    APLSF: A Programming Language with Shared Files

    APM: Advanced Power Management

    APM: Application Performance Management

    APN: Access Point Name
    Used on GPRS as access information (Communication)

    APNIC: Asia-Pacific Network Information Center

    APOP: Authenticated Post Office Protocol

    APP: APPlication
    File name extension

    APPC: Advanced Program to Program Communication

    APPCM: Access Protection and Priority Control Mechanism

    APPEL: A P3p Preference Exchange Language

    APPI: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking

    APPN: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
    (IBM) (Network)

    APR: Apache Portable Runtime
    Its mission is to provide a free library of C data structures and routines, forming a system portability layer to as many operating systems as possible, including Unices, MS Win32, BeOS and OS/2 (Software)
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    APR: Advanced Port Replicator

    APRP: Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing

    APS: Analog Protection System

    APS: Advanced Printing Service

    . APS: Advanced Photo System

    APS: Asynchronous Protocol Specification

    APS: Automatic Protection Switching
    A mean for automatically detecting and signalling a transmission link failure (Communication)

    APS: Active Pixel Sensor

    APSE: Ada Programming Support Environment

    APSL: Apple Public Source License
    Software license (Apple)

    APSO: Audio Precision System One

    APT: Address Pass Through

    APT: Advanced Parallel Technology

    APT: Automatically Programmed Tools

    APT: Advanced Package Tool
    Software download/installation tool for Debian GNU/Linux (Operating systems)

    APTC: Authorized Prometric Testing Center
    Sylvan Prometric is a division of Sylvan Learning Systems. It is the global leader in computer-based testing for academic assessment, professional licensure, and certification.

    APTM: Application Program to Transaction Manager

    APU: Audio Processing Unit

    AQ: Advanced Queueing
    (Oracle) (Databases)

    AR: Application Requester

    AR: Access Rate
    The data rate of the user access channel. The rate (maximum) at which access devices can offer data to the frame relay network (Communication)

    ARA: Appletalk Remote Access
    (Apple) (Communication)

    ARAG: AntiReflective, AntiGlare

    ARAP: Appletalk Remote Access Protocol

    ARAS: AntiReflective, AntiStatic

    ARB: Architecture Review Board

    ARC: ARChive
    File name extension

    ARC: Advanced Risc Computer

    ARCA: Advanced Risc Computing Architecture

    ARCnet: Attached Resource Computer NETwork

    AREQIPA: Application REQuested Internet Protocol over Atm

    ARIN: American Registry for Internet Numbers

    ARIS: Architecture of Integrated Information Systems

    ARIS: Attack Registry & Intelligence Service

    ARL: Adjusted Ring Length

    ARL: Access Rights List

    ARLL: Advanced Run Length Limited

    ARM: Advanced Risc Machine

    ARM: Asynchronous Response Mode
    HDLC data transfer mode (Network)

    ARM: Annotated Reference Manual

    ARM: Application Response Measurement

    ARMA: Association of Records Managers and Administrators

    ARMS: Architecture for Reliable Managed Storage

    ARO: Adaptec Raidport Option
    (Adaptec) (Hardware)

    AROM: Alterable Read Only Memory

    ARP: Address Resolution Protocol
    The Internet protocol used to dynamically map Internet addresses to physical (hardware) addresses on local area networks. Limited to networks that support hardware broadcast. (Network)

    ARPA: Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Now called Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. government agency that funded the ARPANET. (Organizations)

    ARPANET: Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork
    A packet switched network developed in the early 1970s. The "grandfather" of today's Internet. ARPANET was decommissioned in June 1990.

    ARPL: Adjust Requested Privilege Level

    ARQ: Automatic Repeat reQuest

    ARS: Activity Reporting System

    ART: Average Response Time

    ART: Adaptive Resonance Theory

    ARTA: Apple Real Time Architecture

    ARTIC: A Real-Time Interface Coprocessor

    ARTS: Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server

    ARTT: Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal

    ARU: Audio Response Unit

    ARX: Autocad Runtime eXtensions
    (Autodesk) (Software)

    AS: Application Server

    AS: Autonomous System
    A self-connected set of networks that are generally operated within the same administrative domain (Network)

    AS: Authentication Service

    AS: Advanced Server

    AS/400: Application System/400

    AS/U: Advanced Server for Unix

    AS3AP: Ansi Sql Standard Scalable And Portable

    ASA: Active Server Application
    (Microsoft) (Network)

    ASA: American Standards Association

    ASA: Architectures of Systems of Agents

    ASAI: Adjunct Switch Application Interface

    ASAP: As Soon As Possible
    (Net lingo)

    ASAP: Automatic Switching And Processing

    ASB: Advanced System Buffering
    (Intel) (Hardware)

    ASC: ASCii text
    File name extension

    ASC: Authorized Support Centers

    ASC: Accredited Standards Committee

    ASC: Autonomous System Confederation

    ASCC: Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator

    ASCI: Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative

    ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    The standard binary encoding of alphabetical characters, numbers, and other keyboard symbols (7 bit character code.)

    ASD: Automatic Skip Driver
    (Microsoft) (Operating systems)

    ASD: Application Structure Database

    ASDSP: Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor

    ASE: Alladin Smartcard Environment

    ASE: Adaptive Server Enterprise
    (Sybase) (Databases)

    ASE: Active Storage Element

    ASET: Automated Security Enhancement Tool
    A tool that allows a user to specify an overall system security level (low, medium, or high) and automatically maintain systems at those levels.

    ASF: Active Streaming Format

    ASF: Advanced Streaming Format

    ASF: Applied Science Fiction
    Manufacturer (ASF)

    ASF: Apache Software Foundation

    ASI: Automatic System Installation

    ASI: Asynchronous Scsi Interface

    ASIC: Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
    A gate array or other non-standard chip design for proprietary use. (Hardware)

    ASID: Address Space IDentifier

    ASIT: Advanced Security and Identification Technology

    ASK: Amplitude Shift Keying

    ASL: Adaptive Speed Leveling

    ASL: Age? Sex? Location?
    Used to get to know people better (Net lingo)

    ASLB: Accelerated Server Load Balancing

    ASLM: Apple Shared Library Manager

    ASLT: Advanced Solid Logic Technology

    ASM: Advanced Server Manager
    (Acer) (Operating systems)

    ASM: Advanced System Management

    ASM: ASseMbler
    File name extension

    ASMP: ASymmetric MultiProcessing
    System architecture that uses different types of processors in a multi-processor system (Hardware)

    ASN: Abstract Syntax Notation
    The International Organization for Standardization's open systems interconnection (OSI) language for describing abstract syntax.

    ASN: Autonomous System Number

    ASO: Automated Systems Operations

    ASOG: Access Service Ordering Guideline

    ASP: Association of Shareware Professionals

    ASP: Active Server Pages
    Dynamic Web pages engine (Microsoft) (Network)

    ASP: Advanced Signal Processing

    ASP: Authorized Service Provider

    ASP: Application Service Provider

    ASP: Appletalk Session Protocol

    ASP: Auxiliary Storage Pool

    ASPEN: Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network

    ASPI: Advanced Scsi Programming Interface

    ASPN: ActiveState Programmer Network

    ASPS: Advanced Signal Processing System

    ASR: Automatic Server Recovery
    (Operating systems)

    ASR: Automatic Send-Receive

    ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition

    ASR: Address Space Register

    ASR: Access Service Request

    AST: Atlantic Standard Time
    Timezone: GMT -4:00

    AST: AST research, inc.
    Company named from first initials of the founders: Albert Wong, Safi Qureshey, Thomas Yuen

    ASTRAL: Alliance for Strategic Token Ring Advancement and Leadership

    ASV: Advanced Super View
    LCD display technology (Hardware)

    ASVD: Analog Simultaneous Voice & Data

    . ASX: Asf Stream Redirector
    File format (Microsoft)

    ASYNC: ASYNchronous Communication
    Communication protocol (Communication)

    AT: Advanced Technology
    an IBM personal computer. Also a motherboard's form factor (IBM)

    AT: ATtention
    Modem command prefix. Defined by the modem command set developed by the Hayes company for use on its modems and now used on most modems (Communication)

    AT: Azores Time
    Timezone: GMT -2:00

    AT&T: American Telephone And Telegraph

    ATA: Advanced Technology Attachment
    Peripheral bus architecture (Hardware)

    ATAPI: Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface

    ATC: Address Translation Controller

    ATC: Advanced Transfer Cache

    ATDM: Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexer

    ATDNet: Advanced Technology Demonstration NETwork

    ATE: Automatic Test Equipment

    ATE: Asynchronous Terminal Emulation

    ATE: Atm Terminating Equipment

    ATEC: Authorized Technical Education Center

    ATF: Automated Test Facility

    ATG: Advanced Technology Group

    ATI: Allied Telesyn International
    Networking hardware manufacturer (Hardware)

    ATIP: Absolute Time In Pregroove

    ATIS: Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions
    Sett http://www.atis.org/ (Organizations)

    ATL: Active Template Library
    ATL: Adaptive Threshold Learning

    ATL: Automated Tape Library

    ATLAS: Authorization Token Layer Acquisition Service
    Describes the service needed to acquire authorization tokens to access a target system using the CSIv2 protocol. This design defines a single interface with which a client acquires an authorization token

    ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode
    A standard for switching and routing all types of digital information, including video, voice, and data. With ATM, digital information is broken up into standard-sized packets, each with the "address" of its final destination. (Communication)

    ATM: Adobe Type Manager
    (Adobe) (Software)

    ATM: Automatic Teller Machine

    ATM: Air Traffic Management

    ATMS: Assumption based Truth Maintenance System

    ATN: Australian Technology Network

    ATOB: Ascii TO Binary

    ATOMM: Advanced super Thinlayer and high-Output Metal Media

    ATP: Appletalk Transaction Protocol
    (Apple) (Communication)

    ATP: Application Transaction Program

    ATP: Available To Promise

    ATP2: AppleTalk Phase 2

    ATPS: AppleTalk Printing Services

    ATR: Advanced Telecommunication Research

    ATR: Automatic Terminal Recognition

    ATR: Answer To Reset

    ATS: Administrative Terminal System

    ATS: Apple Terminal Services

    ATS: Abstract Test Suite

    ATTN: ATTeNtion

    ATVEF: Advanced TeleVision Enhancement Forum

    ATX: Advanced Technology eXtended
    Motherboard format (Intel) (Hardware)

    AU: AUdio
    File name extension

    AUC: AUthentication Center

    AUDIT: AUtomated Data Input Terminal

    AUI: Attachment Unit Interface

    AUI: Audible User Interface

    AUP: Acceptable User Policy

    AUT: Application Under Test

    AUTODIN: AUTOmatic DIgital Network

    AUTOVON: AUTOmatic VOice Network

    AUX: AUXiliary

    AUX: Apple UniX

    AV: Audio Video

    AV: Anti Virus

    AV: Authenticity Verification

    AV: Access Violation

    AVA: Audio Visual Authoring

    AVATAR: Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator

    AVC: Audio Visual Connection

    AVC: Advanced Visual Computing

    AVD: Alternating Voice and Data

    AVE: Autocad Visualization Extension

    AVG: AVeraGe

    AVGA: Advanced Video Graphic Array

    AVI: Audio Video Interleaved
    File Format

    AVP: Attribute-Value Pair

    AVR: Automatic Voltage Regulation

    AVR: Automatic Voice Recognition

    AVS: Adult Verification Service

    AVT: Applied Voice Technology

    AVTK: Anti Virus ToolKit

    AVVID: Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data
    (Cisco) (Communication)

    AWAC: Audio Waveform Amplifier and Converter

    AWC: Advanced Web Creations

    AWD: Access Workflow Designer
    Organize and track information (Microsoft)

    AWDE: Artus Wireless Data Enhancer
    (Nokia) (Communication)

    AWE: Advanced Wave Effects
    (Creative Labs)

    AWE: Address Windowing Extensions
    (Microsoft) (Operating systems)

    AWG: American Wire Gauge

    AWK: Aho, Weinberger and Kernighan
    Unix language named after its authors: Al Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan

    AWS: Advanced Workstations and Systems

    AWT: Abstract Windows Toolkit
    (Sun) (Software)

    AX: Architecture eXtended

    AXI: American eXpress Interactive

    Shall I proceed to "B"??

    Quote: Wow... just... wow. Wyre wins!

    Hmmm, Didn't know this was a competition? Anyone can cut and paste, as I said----

    .......I was trying to make a list that wasn't cluttered with every obscure technical acronym on the planet.....
    Oh well. too late for that :duh: :duh: :duh:
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  11. BWX

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  12. Asuka

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    cn - China: This is pretty new... before they used 'xh', because China is called "Xian Ho" or something similar in Chinese.
    ge - Georgia: Huh? But Georgia is a state in the US, with Atlanta as its capital...
  13. ToshiroOC

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    Georgia is a country in Europe, too :) I think it's in that Armenia/Turkey/Russia area, not sure though... definitely near that end of Russia, though.
  14. Vampyromaniac

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    Re: Domains

    "Hold on . . . There's a new Mexico??"

  15. tigerarmyAFI

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    It's actually Specially Processed American Meat :wtf:
  16. Jeff

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    Re: Re: "Noobie" Dictionary

    That site has PHP listed wrong:

    It's a recursive Acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

    (It did used to be Personal Home Pages though).
  17. BWX

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    Re: Re: Re: "Noobie" Dictionary

    This is what the results were on thaT site.

    2 acronyms found. Shown 1 to 2.

    1. PHP: Php: Hypertext Preprocessor
    Open-source general-purpose server-side scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. See also http://www.php.net/ (Software)

    2. PHP: Personal Home Pages
    Now is Perl Hypertext Preprocessor
  18. merry

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    Thanks, I actually took that from an online source... (google on "acronyms", the first result should be it).

    Webster.com comes with this:
    Now I happen to be a big Monty Python fan, but I didn't understand that sketch...
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